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Student Pastor


Unleash your ministry potential

At the Exponential Network, we are firm believers that your age should never be a barrier to making a significant impact in ministry. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary conference designed for emerging ministry leaders just like you and experience opportunities for growth, meaningful connections, and a profound sense of empowerment.

Pastor Godman Akinlabi

Global Lead Pastor
The Elevation church

Pastor Bola Akinlabi

Global Lead Pastor
The Elevation church

Pastor Moses Mukisa

Senior Pastor, Worship Harvest Ministries

Pastor Jerry Eze

Lead Pastor, Streams of Joy International Convener, NSPPD

Pastor Yemi Davids

Senior Pastor Global impact church

Connect, Receive Insight and Ministry Mastery

Exponential Conference connects you with experienced spiritual leaders, offering insights and networking opportunities for your personal and ministry growth.

Forge Lifelong Connections:

Build lasting relationships for a supported ministry journey beyond the conference.

Guidance Tailored for You:

Get a personalized roadmap for your ministry journey through mentorship.

Elevate Your Leadership:

Master the art of impactful leadership in concise, empowering sessions.

Ready to Begin Your Ministry Leadership Journey?

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with the Exponential Leadership Course!

Welcome to the Exponential Leadership Course – a unique learning experience designed to boost your ministry leadership skills and set you on the path to success. This course is for everyone, whether you are a seasoned ministry professional or an aspiring ministry leader. Get ready for practical tips, useful strategies, and a supportive community to help you grow as a leader in your ministry journey. Join us and take your ministry leadership to the next level!


The Exponential Conference has been a thrilling experience for me. The content is phenomenal, it's world class. The organization, the excellence is topclass

Rev. Sam Adeyemi

( Senior Pastor Daystar Christian Centre)

I love the fact that leaders can gather, and re-fire, renew, rejuvenate and be empowered especially at the beginning of the year

Pastor Yemi Davids

(Senior Pastor Global Impact Church).

It has been awesome. Every year there are different types of speakers. Every year usually has a flavour of its own. The experience has been great as usual

Pst. Kingsley Okonkwo

(Senior Pastor David Christian Center)

It was extremely very glorious. For me it was about me learning, being molded. Everyone comes from a powerful perspective.There was a season we were praying without knowledge, and this is what exponential has done differently, now we have knowledge and we have prayer.

Pastor Jerry Eze

(Lead Pastor Streams of Joy International Ministry NSPPD)

God is doing something new in Africa and I feel like exponential is poised to harness not just for The Elevation Church but a whole generation of young pastors and set a direction that'll help shepherd this nation for the next generation.

Pastor Muriithi Wanjau

( Senior Pastor Movuno Church, Kenya)

It's been such a beautiful experience for me every single year.

Pst. Mildred Okonkwo

(Co- Lead Pastor David Christian Center)

We've been hosted so well. It's been their value at the Elevation Church to host people and their guests very well. Great job!


I've been to conferences, this is just world class. It's been total excellence. The hospitality, the love, the warmth, the friendliness and most importantly the quality of the content, God is just getting started with the influence of what He wants to do through this conference


Frequently Asked Questions

The conference is specifically crafted for young and student pastors, campus fellowship leaders, and individuals still in university who are passionate about ministry.

Plenary Sessions cover relevant topics for young pastors and student ministries, featuring inspiring speakers, Q&A sessions, and interactive opportunities for networking.

Breakout Sessions focus on enhancing the impact of student ministries, covering organizational aspects, funding, sound doctrine, and personal growth post-campus ministry.

Our esteemed speakers include Pastor Godman Akinlabi, Pastor Emmanuel Iren, and Pastor Jerry Eze, bringing diverse insights and experiences.

Absolutely! The second Breakout Session addresses personal growth, life after campus ministry, wisdom for career excellence, and ongoing development.

The Anointing Session is a special moment featuring Pastor Godman Akinlabi and Pastor Jerry Eze, designed to elevate the spiritual journey of student pastors.

We propose creating distinct Student Pastor Badges to facilitate easy identification and networking opportunities.

The membership grants access to Student Pastor Webinars, mentoring opportunities, and more, providing ongoing support for your ministry journey.

Check the dedicated session/link for students on the Exponential Conference website, offering detailed information, schedules, speakers, and registration instructions.

Engage with us on social media, sign up for our email & SMS campaigns, and consider becoming a student ambassador to advocate for the conference on your campus. Ready to join the Exponential 2024 Student Pastors Experience? Register Now and explore a transformative journey in ministry!