Exponential is the church’s wealthy place

A place of refreshing. A place to recharge. A place of invaluable resources. A place for exponential growth. No matter the denomination, the church has a common goal. We are here to reach the world, and to do that we must be here for each other. The church has been given this great and important mandate and we believe that God is calling us to be a place of refreshing, inspiration, valuable resources; giving the local church the know-how and support to maximize her endless potentials and expand her influence. Since 2017, we've had a blast every year hosting ministry leaders from all over the world for three days of energizing and equipping. Senior pastor, unit leader or worship leader, Exponential is the place for you.

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Exponential 2023 - RESURGENCE!

People all over the world are asking questions. Questions about faith, hope, leadership, culture, love, family, success, money, purpose, right and wrong, pain, disaster, and the future. Not only should the church have answers, we should also be the answer.

But wait… even the church also has questions. How do we lead when most things are in state of flux? How do we realistically plan for greater impact without certainty about the direction of things? How do we cultivate a new wineskin mindset in preparation for an outpouring of new wine?

Exponential 2023 seeks to present the answers to these questions. The church must leverage the supernatural now more than ever before. The Apostolic and Prophetic dimensions of the body of Christ must gain a lot more prominence. The present darkness and confusion is our opportunity to model supernatural living. It is a signal for our Resurgence

Join ministry leaders for three days of immersion into greater depths of God’s wisdom and power. Get set as the Church of God steps up to provide the love, leadership and direction that the world desperately needs today.

Conference Studio

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We Exist to Grow

Resourcing the local church is at the core of Exponential. Our desire is to see churches healthy, growing, and with her influence preserved.

The Exponential Network is set up to equip different cadres of church leaders all over the world with the resources required to surmount the imminent leadership challenges of this century.

Refresh . Refuel . Resource . Refire

Ministry is not a sprint; it’s an unending marathon. It’s a journey of different phases and seasons that will require fresh input time and again. Exponential is a watering hole, a place of refreshing, a place for realignment of vision and constant source of encouragement on this great journey of purpose.

We want to partner with you to engender a high level of effectiveness for the local church in order to maximize the influence of the church by providing materials, resources and events to bless the local church.

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Conference Resources

The effectiveness and strength of your church rises and falls on good leadership.
Communication Thinking outside of the box can be quite Challenging especially when you have to go with the flow with your leaders
Small Groups
We are not made for Isolation, do not let your members get lost in the crowd.
As we all know, administration is the backbone of the church organization, and a church with a great vision is better executed with capable hands and sound structure.
Service Experience
Service Experience Nothing speaks excellence than a service experience that goes back home with you.
Worship takes you straight to the heart of God, and carefully selecting a key worship team is extremely relevant in every ministry.
Junior/Teenz Church
A new generation church is focused, as they are the future, and how we shape them today determines what they churn out tomorrow.

Viewing centers

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