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TEC/Exponential Conference

The Exponential Network

Welcome to TEC/Exponential Conference Network Community: A Hub of ministry Growth and Connectivity.

TEC/Exponential Conference Network is a trailblazing platform under the visionary leadership of Pastor Godman Akinlabi. Since 2017, we have emerged as a pivotal force, empowering pastors and church leaders across Nigeria. Our annual conference is a beacon of inspiration, fostering exponential growth, and leaving an indelible mark on ministries nationwide.

Born in 2017, the Exponential Conference was Pastor Godman Akinlabi's response to the growing need for pastoral guidance, training, and collaboration. Over the years, it has evolved into a vital event, exploring themes from leadership to social impact. Renowned speakers like Rev Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Jerry Eze, and many others share insights, making each year's conference a transformative experience.

Beyond thematic exploration, the Exponential Conference serves as a catalyst for vibrant networking. Attendees forge connections, share ideas, and build lasting relationships.

The conference's impact extends beyond its duration, catalyzing growth and equipping pastors to navigate challenges effectively.

TEC/Exponential Conference 2024

Enter TEC/Exponential Conference 2024—a season of unprecedented glory. In the midst of darkness, the Church is called to lead the world into a new era of advancements and wealth.

TEC/Exponential Conference 2024 is about the governmental church—stepping out, stepping up, displacing and replacing, taking over and raising the banner of Christ in unexpected places.

Our Mandate this year

  • Realign Vision
  • Review Ministry Curriculum
  • Release Apostles
  • Restructure Ministries
  • Reappraise Ministry Assets

Step into a season of growth, empowerment, and unparalleled impact. Welcome to Exponential 2024 and Catalyze the Next wave!